Enabling students to achieve the fullness of life

(John 10:10).

  • St Mary’s Pastoral Care is a whole school approach that is founded in Jesus Christ and the Gospels. The dignity and wellbeing of the child are at the centre of all we do to enable the fullness of life.
  • Respectful relationships between staff, students, families and the wider community play a key role in creating a supportive learning environment, catering for the whole child spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically.

Pastoral Care refers to all actions within our school to promote and enhance physical, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual wellness. Schools are uniquely placed to foster student attributes that will enable them to achieve their full potential, and we understand the importance of working closely and collaboratively with families to promote positive student wellbeing. 

At St Mary’s Primary School, the dignity and well-being of each student are at the centre of our school policies, decisions, curriculum, structures, and practices that place emphasis on students feeling cared for, valued and respected.

We recognise the importance of the reciprocal and interconnected relationship between well-being and learning. ‘Wellbeing positively influences student learning outcomes, and success in learning enhances student wellbeing’ (Australian Student Wellbeing Framework).

Students who feel safe, connected and secure and have loving and trusting relationships are more likely to be active participants in their learning and to achieve better physical, emotional, social and educational outcomes. Some of the ways we aim to promote positive well-being in our students are:

  • modelling strong, healthy and trusting relationships
  • teaching social and emotional skills to build resilience and wellbeing through Positive Behaviour Support, Smiling Minds and Second Steps
  • teaching and modelling values and behaviours based on respect for themselves and others
  • utilising the Peer Support Program 
  • Participating in Meditation and having the opportunity to reflect on all they have to be grateful for
  • providing opportunities for students to participate actively in their learning
  • providing a level of care that will meet the unique needs of each student 
  • monitoring individual student needs through strategies including daily check-ins, weekly Pastoral Care Team meetings and morning greeting
  • intentionally planning for Tier 2 and Tier 3 wellbeing interventions through analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
  • embedding inclusive teaching practices to build a connected and safe school culture.

Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship – Students develop a sense of purpose through engaging in social justice and environmental stewardship activities. This is embedded in the school’s curriculum and in everything we do.

Throughout the year, the school's Mini Vinnie’s raises money for people in need and, at Christmas, assists local families by delivering food hampers and Christmas gifts to local people in our community.

The school’s Environment Club ensures recycling is occurring throughout the whole school and minimises waste in the canteen. The club has developed a fertile eco-climate through breeding chickens, installing a native bee hive, compost bins and a worm farm to produce a pumping vegetable garden and orchard.

We have a School Counsellor and Student Support Worker 2 days a week.  They are able to support students through various ways including offering the wellbeing / support programs 'Cool Kids', 'Friendship Matters', 'Seasons for Growth'  and restorative practice.  Individual school counselling is a voluntary, brief, and short term process designed to assist and support students who may be facing challenges that impact upon their adjustment at school.

Lunch Clubs –To ensure all students have a chance to let their light shine the school offers a diversity of extracurricular activities and clubs.  These change according to identified interests and include gardening and environment, choir, drawing, dance, sport and goofy games.

Acknowledgement of Country. We acknowledge the Gumbaynggirr people, the traditional custodians of the lands on which our school resides. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions and culture of the Gumbaynggirr peoples.